A Matter of Seconds

The following is heard from a dark stage.

RED: Hold on, Chip!

AL: Yeah, you can do it! Just another thirty seconds!

CHIP: [gasping] No way! I can’t do it!

RED: Yes, you can! Show us those muscles!

CHIP: God, it hurts!

T: Push through the burn! You’re almost there!

AL: 15 seconds!

CHIP: And then what? Start all over again? Hold up someone heavier?

T: No negative thoughts!

RED: That’s right, Chip! You can do it! You’ll get stronger and-

CHIP: -And they’ll finally getting around to fixing me? You really think so?

RED: …

AL: 10 seconds!

T: Focus on your balance, you’ve got to-

CHIP: Shut up! What do you have to hold up, huh? Dishes! The second someone leans on you, they get yelled at!

RED: Chip, calm down. You’re almost-

CHIP: [Screaming]  -Almost where, Red? Almost where? Almost fixed? Do you really think they’ll fix me if I hold out? They won’t replace me?

RED: …

T: …

AL: [quietly] 5 seconds

CHIP: [Tired] Forget it.

There’s a horrible crash and then silence.


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