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Not Always

Not always feasible – it
Errs in its lack of
Verification (and its possibility):
Extreme statements are
Rarely totally true.


An overachiever                A procrastinator
An extrovert                      An introvert
A tea-totaler                         A barfly
A talker                              A listener
A writer                               A reader
A watcher                               A dancer
A neat-freak                              A slob

All wrapped into one:
A singular mob.


6 Word Short Story: Tonight

Tonight, my drink needs an umbrella.

Blades of Flashing Light

Blades of flashing light
An army, a deadly score
All aimed for the eyes.

Soft Sand

Toes first, you sink –
Soft sand, separating,
Surrounding, embracing:
Warm and dry above,
Cool and damp below
In an entrancing duet.
The deep hushing roar,
Ever-present, soothes
In the back of your mind
As the children play,
And the gulls cry.

Warm Waves

The first warm wave
Thaws and comforts,
Unclenching the trembling knot
Of winter’s chill:
A welcome relief.

The second, the third,
Unthaw the thawed,
Cooking the sun-warmed flesh
Then, smoking it to jerky:
A relentless intensity.

Overshadowed and Lost

Soft, glowing memories
Of white flowers:
Tiny, touched with sunshine,
Sweetening the wind –
Sweeter still to the taste:
Overshadowed and lost
To an aggressive imposter –
Bitter and unscented:
Unsweet and relentless.


He waters the ground with patience, care.
He adds fertilizer and lays straw there.
He tends and tends and tears his hair,
But dead seeds won’t grow,
So the land stays bare.

Finest White

A shimmering fur
Of finest white like rich silks
With a hidden bite

6 Word Short Story: Perpetual Frustration

They ask for advice to ignore.

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