Monthly Archives: July 2021

Crashing Cans

Rumbling thunder
Echoes through bright, sunny streets
Amid crashing cans

Not Sick and Not Well

Not sick and not well:
It’s a moderate hell
Of maybes and mostlys
And too-soon-to-tells
Where the only thing certain
Is not everything’s swell
Like a fall with no landing
Or a round with no bell.

Morning Traffic

A rumbling woosh
In nonsynchronous chorus:
Held by colored lights

Summer Storm

Fast, glistening streaks
Sparkling through bright sunbeams:
A shower of light

A Shadowed Caricature

Twisting and straining
For a meager sliver,
A mere hint of light
Until gnarled, knotted:
A shadowed caricature.

Blinded and awestruck
By an eager river,
An ocean of light
Until overjoyed, overrevealed:
A bittersweet conflict.

Progress: an Acrostic

Painstakingly gained
Retroactively visible
Operatically dramatic
Godot-ly subtle
Repetitively new
Everlastingly present
Suddenly lost
Simultaneously all

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