Monthly Archives: August 2021

Digital Strings

A phone, an app:
Like digital strings
Controlling a person,
A stranger at work,
With the lure of a tip.

6 Word Short Story: Have You?

Have you ever had sweet dreams?

A Constant Rumble

A constant rumble
Humming loud in the background:
The wake of people.


Shimmering cover
Over many legs of green:
Dying in beauty

6 Word Short Story: Ghosts

Stories written in the mind: ghosts.

Hints of Rain

Sunlight turned to gray,
An extra woosh as cars pass,
And light percussion


A shifting flicker
Slipping, ghostly, through the mind
Then disappearing


Bright, light silky strands
In dimensional concert:
Flight, warmth, protection


Lasso after lasso of heavy chains
Roped around with unerring aim
Both strict coccoon and heavy anchor,
Dragging inexorably down and down
Away from the light, from thought
Away from action, from speech
Locked in dark limbo willing or no
Until chains after chains release.

Black Threads

Innocuous curves:
Black threads like a giant web
And far more deadly

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