Monthly Archives: September 2021

Anxiety Strikes

Like a bolt of lightning
Trapped in the body
Dashing from limb to limb
Seeking its freedom but only
Setting off extraneous thoughts and
Sending emotions into frenzies.

A Silent Struggle

A silent struggle:
Colors buffeted and tossed
To sounds imagined


A gentle patter
Topped occasionally by
A deluging rush

Surgery Acrostic

Undergone to
Remove, replace, or repair:
Generally, by plan. By
Emergency more rarely.
Results rely most on
Your surgeon.

Individual Nightmares

Flickering lights
Dark, shifting floors:
A hologram turned to life,
Separating and splitting
People, casting them
Into individual nightmares:
The black, twisted memories
Of a cruelly tortured soul
Bent on revenge on any and all.
In macabre juxtaposition,
The toy train circles
Through crying bodies
Over hidden graves.


Dried Bouquet

Permanently bowed heads
Like somber penitants
Clustered close together:
A permanently mourning crowd
Encircled in bright crystal.

A Consuming Fog

A consuming fog
Covers like a down blanket:
Deep, dark, and peaceful


“A sunbeam!” cried the mind,
And wandered on its way
Ignoring the little section
That said not to go astray.
“A rainbow!” grinned another part.
“A butterfly!” – “A squirrel!”
And thus that tiny diligent piece
Was lost within the swirl.

6 Word Short Story: Monsters

Which creates monsters: fear or hope?

Mood Swings

A sudden darkness
As the newly gray sky cries
Then, flash, back to smiles.

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