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You can fear it
Or embrace it
But never escape it.

Terror of Stillness

A slow rise and fall
Breaks the terror of stillness:
Vivid proof of life

The Darkness Came Slowly

The darkness came slowly.
Not a sudden eclipse
Or flip of a switch.
It was a long, slow sunset
To an unending twilight:
So gradual and quiet
You never noticed the dark
Until the sudden glare
As light broke through

Not Seeing

“Just tread water!” they cry,
Not seeing the concrete on her feet.
“It’s hopeless,” you sigh,
Not seeing the lever within reach.
“It’s perfect,” she cries,
Not seeing the blood on the gem.
“Just forget it,” he sighs,
Not seeing the opportunity then.

A Distant Humming

A distant humming,
A welcome, wintery breeze:
A high power bill

6 Word Short Story: He Thinks

He thinks his brain is unreliable.

Anxiety’s Reign

A pressure in the chest –
Electricity and compression
Combined like lighting a fuse
And encasing the cannon’s end.

A struggle to breathe –
Pushing against a weight or
Speeding like fluttering wings
In a frantic race to nowhere.

A battle between needs –
Run, hide, rock, freeze, fight,
Cry, scream: pulling and pushing,
Everything necessary and now.

A storm in the mind –
Swirling, striking thoughts
Pecking, pacing, and repeating
Until all else hides or flees.

A pressure, a struggle,
A battle, a storm:
All needs, all now,
All nothing.



Fears, frustrations,
Angers, and angst:
Invisible bars for
A painful prison.

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