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50 Word Short Story: A Quiet Dawn

            She watched the rosy glow of dawn with unblinking eyes, frozen stiff like the hardened blood that decorated her throat in blackened lace.
            “This won’t do.”
            Soft hands reached over her shoulder and removed the delicate teacup, hours cold yet still warm by comparison.
            “I’ll get you a fresh cup.”


50 Word Short Story: Stagnant Hoard

            The sour smell of rancid water seeps through the air like a spy. It slides over the piles and through the papers. Somehow, it maneuvers through the mountains of treasured trash no human could progress. Behind them, miraculously unburied, it finds the human, the origin of the stagnation: equally infected.

50 Word Short Story: The Big Game

This story was written for a 3-word prompt: pickles, turtles, & chickadees.

            Two teams faced off. On the land side, the turtles tensed, their faces intent inside their helmets. On the air side, the birds were all aflutter. The chickadee fired them up with one last rousing song. Then, he bent, held the pickle at the ready, and waited for the whistle.

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