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A Choreography of Sound

Her fingers don’t race across the strings –
They dance.
First allégro, with forceful, staccato beats
Of hammer-ons and pull-offs.
Then, lyrical, sliding smoothly
And gracefully from note to note
And chord to chord in a ballet
Of highs and lows, building
To dramatic catharsis:
A choreography of sound.


A Dance of Rain

A light mist, like tapping feet,
Dances across the glowing glass
And over flowers in airy leaps,
Scattering sunbeams and brightening,
Deepening colors in a gentle beat
Of glittering lights, vibrant, serene –
All over the endless shades of green

Dance in the Air

The feathered DJs
Strike their beats, rinse, and repeat
And the dance begins.

Dance On!

The tap dance of fingers,
Not to music but to thoughts,
Clicking in rhythms:
High, low, fast, and slow.
The number goes on
As the words flow.

Of Dance

Pulsing rhythms,
Grinding beats, or
Gliding melodies:
No matter.
A leap, a step, a turn,
A dip, a stretch –
Expression in motion,
All thrill:
Pure joy.

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