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Chalk drawings on air
Portioning infinity
In bright illusions


Like once-white stone,
Soot-stained to gray;
Like once-bright silver,
Tarnished by shades;
It was not the intention,
Not the design
Yet somehow
Inevitable –
A fate etched in time.

Time Lost

See the plane go by
Flying at the speed of time
Lost, found – left behind

The Never-Napping Hare

If time is in a race car,
Then, I am on a bike.
I pedal hard and harder
Faster – with all my might.
Yet even when I make good time
It’s a race I cannot win
When time is in a Bugatti,
And I am on a Schwinn.

Caught in the Rush

In pristine white, the panicked figure
Dashes to and fro, a weighty stack
Of pages in its hands.
Unfilled and unfinished,
Each page sends forth a call,
Demanding time, energy, and
Focus – begging for resolution.
One here. One there. Like
A pinball in a room of
Magnets powered in surges
Of their own wants and needs,
It fights for control
Even as it fights to succeed.
And so the figure rushes,
Following the yanks and pulls
Of each page, each goal:
Split into infinity,
And perpetually caught
In others’ needs.

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