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Fall Is Waning

The warm sun burns down
Through cold winds that chill the skin
No leaves for shelter

Trick Or Treat

Crisp, clear, and cold the wind calls.
It tugs, taunts, torments, and tears
At capes and cloaks. At hats and hands.
Mauling masks and wrenching wigs.
Plucking, pulling, and pleading for its share.
It steals the shouts of “Trick or treat!”
As one by one they parade with sweets
The longer it watches without a pick –
The more it blows with its threatened trick.


A Churlish Cacophony

Like a beating drum, it hits and echoes.
Irregular and erratic, filling the space
With a steady heartbeat, started and ignored:
Startling the true heartbeat to a race
As the hollow thunks repeat at each verge of sleep.
What angle of wind directs them so vindictively?

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