Wait for It…

            You may have noticed that posting times have been odd or that the novels weren’t updated last week (or maybe not, which means you haven’t been reading, *cue depression*). Seriously, though, my schedule is going to be very strange this week, which mean the posting schedule is going to be even more erratic than usual. Like today, posts may be later in the day or even still count as today only because I posted them before I went to sleep (hey – that’s still my day).
            When you’re waiting for a story to continue, I know that delays or uncertain schedules can be frustrating, so I’m going to *try* to do an extra update of Deathwalker and Wind Town (either a longer word count or an extra post) this week to make up for missing last week. I can’t promise that I will because, hey, crazy schedule, but I’m going to try.
            Also, as we round the curve into the final few months of my writing challenge, does anyone have any requests for what this blog should be after the year’s challenge ends? I will definitely continue to post writing here, but I won’t have to stick to the same rules once I complete the full year. I could set up a new challenge, make the rules of this one less rigid, or any number of things. So if there’s anything specific you really like or want to see more of as the blog continues, this would be a good time to chime in.
            Welp, that’s it. Thanks for your patience and for reading my random writing (yay, alliteration!). Now, it’s time to get back to work!


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