For Once, It’s Not Entirely My Fault that the Novels Are Late

So… I made a questionable decision this weekend – I decided to update my computer’s operating system. *sigh* I’ve been putting it off for a while because I knew it would mean investing in a couple of updated programs, but GoogleChrome’s nagging finally got the best of me. Between making a carbon copy and the actual installation, it took most of the weekend, and it’s still not quite done: turns out that some of the updates have updates (srsly).

Now, I’m approaching the tail end of getting everything running smoothly (knock on wood), and, last but not least, I have to get the newer versions of a couple of programs. Word, for example.

While I get that set up, there will be no updates for Deathwalker or Wind Town. Sorry! I’ll do my best to get it done ASAP (for both our sakes). Until then, enjoy the poetry!


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