Happy 11 Month Anniversary! 1 Left… And Then What?

It’s almost surreal to think that a writing experiment that started mostly on a whim is now a month away from completion. And realizing that I’ve written a new post (a new bit of fiction) every single day of those 11 months makes me want to take a nap in retrospect. At the same time, being a month away from completing a goal like that is pretty exciting. So “Woohoo! – what’s next?” What is twytte going to become when this year-long writing experiment is officially over?

blank signpost

Well, that didn’t help.

Hmmm… I’m not sure, but I have some ideas.

I’m pretty sure that the long-running stories (Deathwalker and Wind Town) are going to be taken off the experiment rules and move to a regular-but-non-weekly posting schedule. I’m thinking that they might be more readable in chapter-length chunks (or maybe half a chapter?) that are published on their own page once or twice a month. I know some people wait until that much is published before reading them anyway, so I thought that might work.

What do you think? As a reader, would that work for you?

As far as the rest of twytte, I’m pretty open to ideas.I think it will probably stay with daily postings, and I expect to keep writing poetry. I like the idea of keeping the experiment aspect, but what kind of writing experiment should be next? I might like to explore the short story and play parts more – I’ve fallen off of that in recent months as my schedule’s gotten crazier. But since my schedule’s only liable to get worse, that might not be possible.

So it’s a bit up in the air right now. If you would like a say in what the next writing experiment will be, post suggestions or comments in the comments section. Your input could change the future! (of twytte) So tell me – what parts of twytte do you like best?

Thanks again (and always) for reading!



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