A Resolution to Do Better

Both twytte and Words & Deeds went through a lot of changes last year. One that I’m not proud of is that I haven’t been reliable about posting on schedule, especially with Wind Town and Deathwalker. Although I can’t promise that I will do better (I know enough about my upcoming schedule to know I might not be able to keep that promise), I am going to do my best to keep to the posting schedule.

To learn more about my strategy for dealing with this, you can read “3 New Year’s Resolutions That Aren’t Going to Be Easy.” The gist of the article is that I have plans to get more organized, which, in theory, should help me write more regularly and with fewer last-minute posts.

Let’s hope that, this time, reality and theory align.

unpromised poem

A vow,
I cannot make.
A promise,
I cannot give –
Except to do my best
To try
So long as I shall

Happy New Year, everyone! Wish me luck!


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