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Updates: A Week Off


As you may have guessed, I’m going to take a week off from my regular posting schedule. Why? Because I’m taking my real estate licensing test this week (and I need to study!).

I thought about trying to do all the posts for the week tonight (in lieu of a full night’s sleep), but that was wishful thinking. It wouldn’t work (I know better!).

So I’m going to do the adult thing and plan ahead – because I decinitely don’t want to have to take it again!

Regular posts should resume with the next novel update. I believe it’s Deathwalker‘s turn (sorry for any confusion caused by its delayed post coinciding with Wind Town‘s regularly scheduled post yesterday!).

As for the rest, wish me luck!!




I turned my back on a play to do another day.
It turned its back in turn – too late? Absurd!
A lesson learned (unheard).

6 Word Short Story: Fool Me Once

They think it’s spring. Silly birds.

Simple Truths

From or to
With and for,
The company is
And isn’t.

Together without,
They’re apart within,
From all that was
At present.

So shall be
What cannot be
And so shan’t be
What should.

Can’t or can,
The words alone:
Horrible, awful,

Fleeing, Shrinking, Fled

Fleeing, shrinking, fled –
All conscious thoughts in my head
Like fish in a pool

Through Open Eyes

Through open eyes, you see the dream,
A whisper’s length from reach.
You hear it creep though it doesn’t move,
You feel its voice though it doesn’t speak —
A taste of flame that doesn’t heat,
So perfect formed, so incomplete.
You stare in longing and back away,
Away into a void
Where reason lies with emotion’s voice
And tells you nothing at all,
And from such strong persuasion,
You willingly let it fall.

Of Love: A Poem to Wish You a Happy Valentine’s Day

“Of Love” may not be my best poem, but I certainly had fun putting it with different pictures. In any case, happy Valentine’s Day!*

*(Or, if you’re not romantic or not in a relationship, Happy martyred saint day, or happy Lupercalia. If you are a romantic who loves Valentine’s Day, ignore everything I just said).

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It’s the streak of heat left
By a finger on your cheek
That sinks through the skin
To the heart.

It’s the warm breath exchanged
In a lingering kiss,
That spreads through the body
Like life.

And it’s the sweet, gentle comfort
Of the welcoming arms
That soothe and make anywhere

Usually, I work with different images to see which looks best, but then, I only pick one to upload. This time, I decided to go ahead and do a handful of pictures for “Of Love” because it seemed appropriate – after all, love is a very personal thing, and what imagery communicates that feeling will vary.

What do you think? Which version of “Of Love” is your favorite?


Moaning and groaning your way
Out of bed or
Resetting the alarm and
Napping again until
It’s too late: there’s
No other choice.
Get up! Get up! Get going!

Sticking with My New Year’s Resolutions

duct tape sticking with my new year's resolutions

Yeah. Like that.

I’m trying. Really. I knew from the start that my New Year’s resolutions weren’t going to be easy to keep, and I am happy (kind of…?) to say that I was right. But I’m not giving up. I’m sticking with my New Year’s resolutions – for at least another month.


I’ve made a little progress since my last update (very little). No, I did. I did some writing ahead, and I got enough sleep (some days). As far as the office… well… I used the desk…?

Oh, and I updated the novels! I know that’s not one of my resolutions, but it’s still exciting. And I’m planning to continue to update them on the same schedule (each novel every other week) until I feel comfortable adding more to my plate. As far as the resolutions go, however, I’ve been treading water. Or maybe floating. My only real progress has been planning (and dreaming).

That’s going to change this week! (Optimism is everything!) Seriously, though, I’ve just completed a major waste of time (hooray for educational hoops! :-/ ), so time-wise, I’m going to have more to spend on these resolutions.

Through the end of the month, that is.

Yep. Next month, I’m supposed to be starting a second job. Scratch that. I will be starting a second job (Remember what I said about optimism.). That means my time for writing is liable to get stretched even thinner (*gulp*).

I’m not sure how that’s going to work out yet. What I do know is that if I’m going to get the office set up, I need to do it now – by the end of this month at the latest – before I start the second job. So if I’m sticking with my New Year’s resolutions (and I’m trying to), I’m going to have to get my butt in gear and get the office done.

Can I get some happy thoughts? I think I’m gonna need the help!

Maple Seeds of Bone

An endless cycle,
Spinning down a one-way road:

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