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Updates: A Week Off


As you may have guessed, I’m going to take a week off from my regular posting schedule. Why? Because I’m taking my real estate licensing test this week (and I need to study!).

I thought about trying to do all the posts for the week tonight (in lieu of a full night’s sleep), but that was wishful thinking. It wouldn’t work (I know better!).

So I’m going to do the adult thing and plan ahead – because I decinitely don’t want to have to take it again!

Regular posts should resume with the next novel update. I believe it’s Deathwalker‘s turn (sorry for any confusion caused by its delayed post coinciding with Wind Town‘s regularly scheduled post yesterday!).

As for the rest, wish me luck!!



Wind Town 6.1

            Matt nodded dumbly, rubbing the grit from his eyes. Then, his head dropped forward, and he sat for another minute, not moving. Eyes closed. Under him, the bed felt so soft and welcoming.
            “Again?” The wail shrieked through the wall.
            Eyes snapping open, Matt shot upright, pushed himself off the bed, and immediately stumbled, bending over with a groan. It didn’t really hurt – whatever Mom had done really worked – but he felt a little like one of his sister’s wooden toys that had strings running through the arms, legs, and back. Only someone pulled his string too tight.
            With another groan, he pushed himself upright and stumbled across the creaking wooden floor to the battered wooden dresser. Pulling open the drawer was harder than it should be. So was bending over to pull on his pants. When he finally got them up and buttoned, he stared glumly at his shoes and socks. Blowing out a breath, he sat back down on the bed and reached down.
            The sound that came out of him made him think of a rusty door hinge. Hand on his shoe, he hung there a moment with his head by his knee. Then, with a sigh, he pulled himself back up. It took two tries to get his foot up to his knee. Repeating the process was equally slow.
            Fully dressed, he sat for a moment and rested back on straight arms. The bed was cool under his hands. Sighing, he let his head fall back for a second before pushing up.
            After two steps, he smelled cooking eggs and bacon, and his stomach growled like a rabid dog. Suddenly, he was starving!

Deathwalker 9.0

            Lunch was an educational experience on multiple levels.
            Kith guided me through the scattered crew to the microcook. Automatically, I accessed the menu and goggled at the lengthy list of exotic foods. So many! And most were foods I’d never even heard of. Scanning the list of new foods to try, my mouth watered, and I hesitated, my hand hovering over the selection screen. What to start with?
            “Foods with ingredients available to you are marked.” Kith’s mammoth hand moved to the display, and I quickly jerked mine out of the way. I winced mentally, but he didn’t seem to notice. When his hand paused a millimeter away from the screen, I realized that he was pointing to a little symbol next to several of the meals. “Others require personal property.”
            Personal property. That had to mean unique spices or ingredients which meant – I leaned closer. Yep. There went most of the exotic options. Oh well. With a little shrug, I picked one of the remaining mysteries.
            “If I pay for the extra ingredients, would I be able to try some of the others?” I asked as the microcook lit and began to hum. There was no answer. Turning to lean back on the counter while it worked, I looked up to find Kith giving me another of those long considering glances. His eyes really were well made. They conveyed emotions better than any man-made eyes I’d ever seen before. They had to be expensive. Just how much did this crew make?
            “It would be up to the crewmember who purchased the item,” he said slowly. “Are the offerings insufficient?”
            “Oh, no,” I said hurriedly. “But there are foods here I’ve never tried before.”
            “You do not recognize most of the available foods?”
            “What?” I frowned. “No, I know most of those foods.”
            “Then, what is the problem?” Kith’s expression didn’t change, but I could hear the frown in his voice.
            “I wouldn’t call it a problem,” I said, blinking. “I don’t have to try the new foods if it’s too difficult.” Which, apparently, it was. Oh, well. I could always ask again later.
            The microcook dinged. Pulling out the plate, I caught a whiff of strange spices and flavors I had no names for. The question of the other meals was forgotten as I carried it eagerly to the table. Something new to try!


I turned my back on a play to do another day.
It turned its back in turn – too late? Absurd!
A lesson learned (unheard).

6 Word Short Story: Fool Me Once

They think it’s spring. Silly birds.

Simple Truths

From or to
With and for,
The company is
And isn’t.

Together without,
They’re apart within,
From all that was
At present.

So shall be
What cannot be
And so shan’t be
What should.

Can’t or can,
The words alone:
Horrible, awful,

Fleeing, Shrinking, Fled

Fleeing, shrinking, fled –
All conscious thoughts in my head
Like fish in a pool

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