Daily Archives: January 30, 2017

An Ill Wind

Ignoring the skin,
The freezing wind strikes the heart
And spreads to the soul.

A Desk Has Fallen from the Sky!

Really! A desk has fallen from the sky and alighted in my “office”! (Now, to fix the roof!)

Ok. Technically, that may be a slight hyperbole (probably a good thing). The desk was already in my office. It didn’t fall – it emerged (Nope. Still scary imagery.). Let’s say that it was discovered/found/unburied. Think of my office as an archaeological dig of boxes packed with the intention of moving which never happened.


The point is that I have a desk. Well, part of a desk. Enough for a laptop and drink. What more does  writer need?

Time. And money. And sleep. Lots of sleep.

Just kidding. Kind of. (*sobs*) That said, since my brain is obviously running on fumes (and where does one get a refill at these prices?), I am going to tentatively promise a novel update for tomorrow. I will even be rearranging my work schedule to try to guarantee it. And by posting this, I will be leashed to the collar of duty and unable to give in to laziness, procrastination, or exhaustion!

*cough* Right.

So… novel update tomorrow maybe probably kind of….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…



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