A bubbling, churning cauldron,
A witch’s brew of writhing acid
Taunted, enraged by attacks
Arises, unbidden and unwished
Eating its cage from within
Unless appeased by offerings.

2 responses to “Churning

  • Lucy

    As someone who suffers from reflux, I can feel the acid sensation from this poem—it’s just that vivid and accurate. This is how I feel about it too, and I love how you delved into the witch imagery. It really feels like a witch’s brew or even a curse when you feel the acid coming on. Very well written!

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    • emtwytte

      Thanks so much! I’m sorry you have to deal with it, too. Mine’s been aggravated lately because of antibiotics, and the feelings combined with listening to my stomach was particularly inspiring. 🤢😵 If yours ever gets rly bad, I highly recommend bouillon water with collagen peptides added. It helped when nothing else was cutting it.

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