Monthly Archives: November 2021

A Gray Light Haiku

A gray light: crisp, clear
Yet somehow shadowed and dim –
A vibrant darkness

6 Word Short Story: Forgot

My mind took an unauthorized vacation.

Air Haiku

Invisible cage,
Not a hard wall or limit:
Felt now in its bite

First Snow Haiku

A bitter feeling:
Both regret for summer’s loss,
And literal cold.

Shower Haiku

Thunderous rainfall
All unnaturally warm:
Weather outside time

6 Word Short Story: Whispers

Depression: You’re too tired to write.

Flat Haiku

Like an old soda:
Undetectable outside,
Flat on the inside.

6 Word Short Story: Shield

Endless scrolling between me and thoughts.

Autumn Haiku

A pervasive chill
Over red, orange, and gold:
Bait to winter’s snare

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