Internal Debate

[A young woman walks into a dorm room, dumps her purse on a shelf, and pauses midway between the desk and the bed.]

INNER CHILD: I’m tired.

RESPONSIBLE ADULT: You can go to bed after you finish your post.

INNER CHILD: But I want to go to bed nowww.

THE PEACEMAKER: How about a quick apology post for not getting anything written and then to bed. [Inner Child whines without speaking. The woman in the room, who hasn’t made a sound, starts to move toward the bed and then pauses uncertainly.]

RATIONALIZATION EXPERT: No problem. People will understand. Besides, writing a post when you’re this tired will probably ruin it.

THE ARTISTE: Don’t be ridiculous. I could write posts in my sleep.

INNER SNARK: Prove it.

THE ARTISTE: I could if we went to bed right now, but-

INNER CHILD: -Yessss! Pleeease!!

RESPONSIBLE ADULT: No.[Inner Child whines as all the other characters but Responsible Adult argue.] No!


RESPONSIBLE ADULT: -We keep our promises. [In the silence, the woman sighs and turns to stare at the desk.]

INNER CHILD: …and then bed?

RESPONSIBLE ADULT: And then to bed.


[With another sigh, the woman turns to the desk, and the lights fade.]


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