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Trick Or Treat

Crisp, clear, and cold the wind calls.
It tugs, taunts, torments, and tears
At capes and cloaks. At hats and hands.
Mauling masks and wrenching wigs.
Plucking, pulling, and pleading for its share.
It steals the shouts of “Trick or treat!”
As one by one they parade with sweets
The longer it watches without a pick –
The more it blows with its threatened trick.



I have been but will I be?
Nothing left to do but see.

Effort & Planning

A monumental task (sizeable at least),
Requiring effort and planning in
A display of dedication, an exhibition of ability
(Perhaps even an invitation for admiration):
Fully prepped and anticipated – then suddenly redirected,
A worthy mission made manageable: effortless.
The plan remained, neglected, dusted thickly
By a vague (possibly unreasonable) disappointment.

Post Delayed Due To Sleep

            So… I just got in (much later than I expected to). I had planned to get up at the usual time, but I don’t see that happening now. That means that tomorrow’s (today’s?) update will likely come a few hours later than usual. Sorry about that, but I think we’ll all be better off if I don’t post on Deathwalker in my sleep.

The Rate of Change

Can you derive the rate of change in the human heart?
Tracking each tremble as it approaches –
Yet never quite reaches – love.
Even the furthest tangent feels the pain
When the link is torn or cut, and
One heart reaches for the other
Over and over without success until,
Finally, the shared closeness, once so integral,
Fades in time to the growing distance.

A Churlish Cacophony

Like a beating drum, it hits and echoes.
Irregular and erratic, filling the space
With a steady heartbeat, started and ignored:
Startling the true heartbeat to a race
As the hollow thunks repeat at each verge of sleep.
What angle of wind directs them so vindictively?

The Ballad of Caffeine

Brain cells start to churn a bit
But ponderously slow
How I ever write first thing AM,
Believe me, I don’t know.

6 Word Short Story: Romance

Fading candlelight: two shadows or one?

50 Word Play: The Cost of Doing Business

This is an experiment (an experiment within an experiment! Oooh! How meta!). Seriously, though, I’m not sure if there are rules for this. I decided to count only the dialogue and stage directions (not the character names).

CHARON: Condolences, welcome, congratulations, blah, blah, blah. I will be your ferryman for eternity. Place 5 euro in the box and enter.
BUSINESSMAN: Euro? You mean an obol. Here you go.
CHARON: Euro only.
CHARON: Go to the exchange.
BUSINESSMAN: But the stories say an obol!
CHARON: Since when?
BUSINESSMAN: When? Forever!
CHARON: You’re relying on that?

50 Word Short Story: Facebook

            The clicking of mice echoes through the vast room of cubicles accompanied by muffled laughter. As the scents of myriad coffee drinks echo through the taupe, solid footsteps warn of the manager’s approach. As one, the mice click to a different window, and chairs creak upright – clearly, hard at work.

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